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Vorstellung Neues Mitglied

Verfasst: Fr 9. Aug 2019, 13:03
von Tomte
Hallo Miteinander,

mein Name ist Matthias, 53, aus Berlin. Bin seit heute stolzer Besitzer einer Varainta 65. Liegeplatz ist Kladow, Berlin.
Freue mich über regen Austausch und auf eure Beiträge.


Re: Vorstellung Neues Mitglied

Verfasst: Di 17. Sep 2019, 13:39
von Vari-Phil
Hallo Matthias,

bin ebenfalls neu hier ;)

Viele Grüße

Re: Vorstellung Neues Mitglied

Verfasst: Do 17. Sep 2020, 10:30
von Berek
Hello Guys,

Greetings from Hungary!
This forum helped me a lot with information. As well as your experience and helpfulness are a big gift!

We have two children: 2,5 and 3,5 years old, so the Vari 65 was a perfect choice.
We bought her this summer and she looks like in a good shape. The gelcoat is intact on the deck and under the water-line it was renovated by the previous owner so there is no osmosis on the hull.
There are a few cracks on the top coating in the cocpit's bottom edges and I would like to say a very big Thank You for everybody who shared his/her experience how to repair it. It will be my winter homework :D

We plan to upgrade it a bit so I'll be a constant reader of this forum in the followings. :D

Thank you again, this is a very-very wonderful thing that such a nice little and old boat has such a wide and live fan-club!

Sorry for commenting in english, but I lack the knowlegde of German, so please don't mind it.
Best Regards,

Re: Vorstellung Neues Mitglied

Verfasst: Do 17. Sep 2020, 11:55
von Vari-Phil
Hi Berek and welcome ;)

we also our Vari very mich!
I wish you much fun!


Re: Vorstellung Neues Mitglied

Verfasst: Mo 21. Sep 2020, 07:08
von Felixx
hi Berek - welcome to the forum!
It's great that a Varianta made it to Hungary ...
Greetings, Felix